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Random Giveaway!

If our GO-FUND-ME fundraiser is successful, we will be giving away random prizes from the various arts & crafts that we will be teaching at the Davidson School of Arts & Crafts. Everyone who volunteers to help out before our launch will be eligible to receive a randomly selected gift from the school. If 3 people were to invite 3 people each, and they continued this process ten times, we would have 177,127 people helping out; If everyone were to pitch in just $3, our school would be $531,381.00!
So the school is absolutely delighted with the opportunity to give something back to the people who volunteer their time for this cause. Thank you  once again!
The special gifts for our volunteers include:

Another goal we will be working towards will be our 100,000 videos project.

Our goal is to get people to donate $20.00 minimum and submit their video, to help us build a better school.

Here are some samples of the type of videos we are looking for

Submit with co-worker, stores you go to, friends, family, pets, even random people on the streets.

We believe that everyone can pool together $20.00 between a few people.

If we get 100,000 people that will be $2,000,000 which we could spend in equipment alone.

21 Different Arts & Crafts Gifts

  1. Print on Canvas (Portrait) 24″ x 36″
  2. Print on Canvas (Beach Water) 13″ x 24″
  3. Original Beach Water Painting (Signed)
  4. Beach Scene Class (1 Day Length)
  5. Carved Letter (Natural Wood)
  6. Carved Letter (Gold Leaf 23KT)
  7. Glass Letter (Chipped & Blasted)
  8. Glass Letter (Laser Engraved)
  9. Carved Sign (With Your Name Printed)
  10. Surprise Gift in a Box (Secret: Don’t ask, we’re not telling!)
  11. 3-D Carved in the Round (Foam Figure)
  12. 3-D Carved Dolphin
  13. School Gift Pack (Shirt, Hat, Stickers, & Mug)
  14. Hand Printed Little Sign
  15. Pub Sign (With Your Name Printed)
  16. Wood House Sign (With Your Name Printed)
  17. 3-D Letter with Abalone Inlay
  18. Airbrush Class (2 Day Length)
  19. Gold Leaf Glass Class (3 Day Length)
  20. Carved Letter Class (3 Day Length)
  21. Screen Printing Class (3 Day Length)


We will be giving away Three 2-Year scholarships
each estimated at a value of $15,000.


The runner up gifts will be divided into three 2nd place and 3rd place gifts.

At 2nd place,  we are giving away three 1/2 Off, or 1-Year Enrollment, Scholarships
at an estimated $7500 value.

And at 3rd place, we will giving away three  4-Course Masterclasses that feature: Airbrushing, Screen Printing, Carving, & Gold Leaf Classics 3000

For every $250,000 over $500,000 that we raise, we’ll even offer a Car, Truck, or Motorbike Customization! As a bonus, the vehicle of your choice will also be completely customized on Video for you to have & share!

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