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Where learning can be fun and profitable!

Where learning can be fun and profitable

MagCoverWouldn’t you like to love what you do for a living? Most people spend approximately 1/3 of their life working so it makes sense to love what you do. More than once have I heard artists, craftsmen, and artisans express how much they love what they do.

There is a challenge to being in many of the Arts & Crafts industry jobs that stimulate what most people desire in life; that is, to bring out their creative side. I was once told by someone that they were not creative at all. My response to their statement was that they are only using half of their brain, and even though some people may appear to fall in that category, every person has a creative side.

When I say fun and profitable, I mean there is so much to be profited by what you will learn here. Your profits will not only be made through what you can make at a job with the knowledge you will acquire here at Davidson School of Arts & Crafts, or what you can make by opening your own business, but by the many things you will see and learn. How you look at nature, or even people, will change. How light falls on an object, or how many shades of blue are in the sky on a clear day. You will start to see and understand how things are made and how shapes form the world around you. The value in this is beyond understanding until you understand it. As for fun, well there are very few things that are as fun as making something with your own hands, or creating something from raw materials.

Someone reminded me of a comment I have previously heard more than once in my life. It often goes like this: My friend started laughing as we were working on a project. I asked what was so funny. He said “We get paid to do this.”
I don’t want to give the wrong idea here. It takes a lot of practice, and work to get good at anything worth while. Sometimes we think we should be as good as a professional the first week we start to learn a new skill. This way of thinking may be due to the fact that we live in an age where we expect quick results with minimal work. Think about it, we don’t pluck our chickens and clean them before we make dinner. We buy our chicken at the store already plucked, cut, and trimmed. Chicken is even available already cooked at the store or restaurant of our choice. There is an old saying, “Anything worth having, is worth waiting for.” and also, “You only get out of it what you you put into it.”

Here is another part of the fun: When you complete a project, and people really like what you have created, nothing is more rewarding than the feeling of others showing appreciation for your work. For example, I painted a wave for a client. When I finished the painting I thought, “Man, that turned out pretty well.” I sent pictures of the painting to a few people and they thought it was pretty good too. Then I took the finished job to the client. A couple of the people at his place of business exclaimed, “Wow that is really cool!” The sign was for a surfing supply shop here in Oceanside, CA. You know the wave you painted turned out pretty well when the surfers say so. Lets face it, they look at waves more than most people do.

Another job I did was for a hair salon. The hair salon is very well decorated but they needed something to grab people’s attention while driving by. I put real gold on a dark background right out front. I used 18kt to make it have a higher contrast. I reproduced their logo and the owner loved the fact that the whole sign was done by hand! Also, when you drive by at night the sign jumps out and grabs you when the light reflects off the gold. Doing something you can be proud of is rewarding and can be a lot of fun. More and more people are looking for that craftsman who can create something that doesn’t look stale.

What I enjoy the most, is watching people go from not having a clue how to make something, gaining the knowledge and understanding of a new skill, and seeing that light sparkle in their eyes when they realize they can do it. The term, “A light comes on”applies here.

Please, come and visit our school where Craftsmen are born, and we will help you find and develop your creative side!

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