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Welcome to Davidson School of Arts & Craft

Mirror_Art_bookcoverWelcome to Davidson School of Arts & Crafts,
Our school is all about hands-on training and all classes are project-based. Here, you will be working on projects that will build confidence and abilities that can create a better future. You will be making things on a professional level that you would be able to sell to a client. This school will teach you not only the skills you need to create your own art, but also many different ways to approach a job. There will be guest teachers and lecturers who will share many different points of view or ways they might approach a project. Many of the guest teachers and lecturers will be known professionals involved in more than one trade. You will build and make your own samples that you take with you as part of your portfolio and displays, possibly for your own business.

You will learn how to operate and run equipment that can open up many different fields and help you create more opportunities for yourself. We will constantly be talking about how to do sales and marketing, what successes and mistakes I have made in business, or seen others do, how to problem-solve, and how to think inside and outside the box. You will learn how to look at things and see how different shapes and colors work or don’t work together. At Davidson School of Arts & Crafts, you will be designing your future, and executing that design.

Even if you have never picked up a brush, or tool in your life, we are certain you will be able to learn a craft or skill that you love through our program. Being creative is a big part of what people need in their lives.

Since we are located next to one of the largest military bases in the United States and a few others, our program has also been set up in order to help those who are serving our country. I was also in the military and I remember thinking to myself how cool it would be to have a school that specialized in the Arts I could have attended while I was in the service in order to prepare myself for life post-military.  Keeping in mind that those serving may be required to leave the area for extended periods of time, our program has been designed so even though completing the program is meant to take 2 years, taking longer is not a problem. Being that the curriculum is project-based, no one will be penalized or dropped from our school for missing classes if life makes other demands.

Classes will be once a week with a 4-hour duration time. Each class will have a break in the middle. Since classes will be held once a week, those who attend will still have the opportunity to have a full time job and still attend our school. During the week we will be running a real business with an opportunity for our student to visit and learn about how a business is run, with all its ups and downs. This will insure that you will learn things that are going on in the real world of business. Many of our guest teachers will be from different trades or industries. This might open up opportunities for you as a student to network with those who might be able to help you venture into a certain job or market that sparks interest.

Our school will do its best to look out for our students’ best interests concerning time well-spent in class and the return you will get for that time spent.

We hope you decide to be one of our future master craftsmen/artisan.
Thank you!
Steve Davidson

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