Once the school is fully funded and established we will be a project-based program. Being project-based will allow a student to miss some time and return without any penalties. We will allow our students to roll over their time so that they will be able to get what they paid for. This is especially helpful for those who are serving our country on active duty or in the reserves. At times a service man or woman will be required to go as long as 8 months or more out of the country. The way our program will be set up, you will be able to come back to school and start where you left off or jump onto another project. Since we will have more than one project station working at a time, you won’t ever fall behind.

Being project-based will allow you to make works-of-art that you as a student can use in your own shop for a display and other sales tools to take to a potential clients’ business. This will enable you to show a client or potential employer your actual work. From our viewpoint, this is much better than just obtaining a piece of paper stating you attended our school.

If you are having trouble completing a project, we will work with you until you accomplish the goal we have set for you. We feel it will be our job to help you find the approach that works for you. Some times it is as simple as looking at the problem from a different angle, or you may just need more practice. Either way, we will be on your side here at Davidson School of Arts & Crafts and we want you to succeed in your endeavors.

We support our troops! That is why once we open the school  we will offer ALL our military personal and dependents an extensive discount. Standard rates for non military would be $15,000 for the the 2 year program plus supplies. For Military we will offer this same education for only $12,000!!!!

“When I got out of the Marine Corps. I could either kill people or clean their house. Neither of those jobs appealed to me. It sure would have been nice to have an opportunity like this readily available to me so when I left the Military I had a plan for the future past my time in the Marine corps.”  – Steve Davidson