About Steve Davidson


Steve Davidson has taught and shared information with people across the world. One artist friend and fellow artisan came all the way from Wales to exchange ideas and work together. Other artists know Steve from his how-to articles in trade magazines such as Signs of The Times, Sign Business, Airbrush Magazine, Sign Builders, Marble Architectural and also most recently SignCraft. He has also been part of world famous groups such as The Letterhead Movement and Coast Airbrush Parties.

Steve attributes all his learning to a strong desire to be accomplished at his job, being able to learn and associate with some of the best artists in the world, and to his philosophy that, “If anyone else can do it, so can you.”

Steve has done jobs for many types of people, from the mom-and-pop business owner to the largest of corporate companies, from the humble home owner to the multi-million-dollar homes of Orange County, California.

You may know some of these names: Disneyland, Wyland (world-famous underwater artist), Little Cakes ( two time cup cake wars winner )Thomas Mangelson (world-famous artist), the State of CA, Goodyear Tires, Kragen Auto Works, and Bullocks. When equipment manufacturers have needed displays or signs, they called upon Steve to help them impress other artists – companies such as Gerber Scientific Products (world’s leading sign equipment manufacturer), Iwata Airbrush (Leading airbrush company), Createx Colors, One Shot Paints, etc.
Steve has received many awards for his exceptional creations, including one highly prestigious award two years in a row.

After completing our two-year course learning old-world craftsmanship and modern technology, you can start your own company, work for quality wages, or as a hobbyist, you can beautify your home and make much appreciated, unique gifts for others. The possibilities are endless!

Your increased ability to enjoy beauty, both natural and artisan-created, will deeply enrich your life. Being part of creating that beauty can be extremely rewarding.

Publications Steve Has Been In or Written For:


SignCraft Magazine 19′

Airbrush Magazine 96

Disney Line

Sign Builder Illustrated 02.99

Sign Builder Illustrated 03.98

Sign Builder Illustrated 06.98

Sign Builder Illustrated 08.98

Sign Builder Illustrated 10.98

Sign Builder Illustrated11.96

Sign Business 01.96

Sign Business 03.97

Sign Business 04.96

Sign Business 09.96

Sign Business 10.95

Signs of The Times 02.94

Signs of The Times 09.97

Signs of The Times 01.91

Signs of The Times 01.92

Signs of The Times 02.91

Signs of The Times 02.97

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